Clearing Prayer

This is a prayer we use when we feel the need to spiritually clear our surroundings.

1. Get quiet within yourself; center yourself,

2. Then say the following:

"I/we ask the God of my Being, my Higher Self, to clear [me, my room, my family, this house, business, property, place, humans and animals, etc.] of all discarnate entities, all dark forces, and all negative thought forms.

Bless them and send them to God's Light, to their highest place of being. I/we ask that they be removed from here; that they understand that this is my/our space and time and that they may not return. I/we ask for protection from same and others like them.

Bless and protect this space/time and fill it with protective golden Light.

I/we, for myself/ourselves and all my/our relations and all our incarnations, forgive them and ask that we be forgiven. I/we trust Spirit to include all that I/we have failed or neglected to include in this clearing.

In Love, I/we thank you all.

In the Names of all the Powers of Light, so be it and it is so."